Now Us, Again by Leonor Soliz

About the Audiobook:

Kissing my high school crush goodbye has haunted me for more than a decade. When I return to my hometown, and life throws me right into his arms, it’s like we were never apart.

He has changed, but only in the best ways. He’s bigger, sexier, and gazes at me and my curves like he won’t let me go this time.

Gone is the quiet, lanky boy I fell for during lazy study session in the library. We may be passing notes again but he makes it clear— he wants to take up right where we left off.

We have waited too long for a second kiss. But this may be the chance we never got, to figure out what comes next… if we let ourselves fall at last.

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Leonor wrote her first Meet Cute at eight years old and never really stopped. Her stories are cozy and fun: low conflict, slow burn books that will make you swoon… and will reward you with great spice. With a healthy dose of humor, these stories guarantee a happily ever after to her plus size and multicultural characters.

Leonor is a Latina living in Canada, working as a therapist during the day and fitting as much writing to her life as she can. She’s also a multicrafter, trying her hand at watercolor, jewelry, sewing, and anything else that strikes her fancy. She makes her own covers!

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