Something Sweet by Cassie Mint

About the Audiobook:

I spend every Valentine’s Day baking cookies for my friends and neighbors.

But the bad boy who just moved to town? He’s hungry for something else…

My grandma always taught me to smile first and judge never. That honey will catch more flies than vinegar, and that kindness is free.

I’ve got a smile for everyone. A pat for every dog, and a laugh for every joke, and so much love and happiness in me it spills over.

But the inked bad boy who just moved next door? I’ll admit: even I shiver when our paths cross.

He scares the bejesus out of me.

I bake him cookies anyways.

And now he’s staring like he could swallow me whole…

Something Sweet is a short and steamy instalove story, starring a tattooed bad boy and his sweet-as-pie neighbor.

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