Yes, Daddy by Natalie Knight

About the Audiobook:

He wanted to play a game; he called it Daddy says.

What do three eighteen-year-old girls do on a Thursday night when no one’s home?

They play a simple game of truth or dare.

Except, there was nothing simple about mine.

With my dad out of work, no money in the bank, and a depleted college fund, things were looking pretty dire when it came to my college education and future.

I picked dare, and my friend laid out the terms. All I had to do was go on Cam, make some money, and log off. Easy, considering I could use the funds.

But then he came online, and I knew my little one-time cam stunt would be anything but easy because he wanted to play a game, and I wanted to play along.

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Natalie Knight

Natalie Knight enjoys toeing the line with her page turning dark romances. Love isn’t given, it’s fought for and she loves putting her characters on the frontlines.

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