Sweet Heat by Bria James

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Where do you run to when the person you trusted the most is the one who betrayed you?

Allegra Montague had settled into her new life ten years after leaving her fiancée at the altar. New job, new hair, new her. When a broken down A/C unit brings Jude Manford crashing into her tidy life, Allegra must decide if she can trust the man who cruelly betrayed her all those years ago. Sparks fly whenever they are together but is passion enough to mend a broken heart?

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Bria James developed high expectations after learning everything she knows about sex and men from romance novels. She doesn’t think this is such a bad thing. She is married to her own Mr. Darcy and spends her time switching between the United Kingdom and United States.

If she can’t be found walking on the white cliffs of Dover and pretending to be Elizabeth Bennet, she is likely buried under a pile of her numerous children wanting a moments peace.

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