Margot and the Captain by Kate Tilney

About the Audiobook:

Four curvy best friends set out on a pleasure cruise that ends with each of them shipwrecked with a captain, a professor, a first mate, and a billionaire. Can true love save the day?


When one of my best friends gets ditched at the altar, we turn her would-be honeymoon into a girls’ week. Our first day in the Caribbean, we book an afternoon cruise under the capable hands of the brooding Captain Jack. But when a freak storm strikes and our yacht wrecks, we’re separated and stranded.

I land on a small desert island with only Captain Jack. Despite our differences, we’ll have to work together if we’re going to get off this island. But he can be so brooding and tough. It’s a good thing he’s also sexy.


My military career gave me all the action and adventure I could ever want. Now that I’m retired, all I want is a peaceful life on my yacht. When disaster strikes, and my boat goes down, I’m left on an island with nothing but the clothes on my back and one of the beautiful passengers.

Though we clash at first, I’m filled with an overpowering need to keep her safe. I’ll do whatever it takes to get her off the island. Even if it puts duty before pleasure.

Shipwrecked Beach Babes is a steamy short romance series with four BBW and the men they’re stranded with on deserted Caribbean islands. Read this collection if you love LOL adventure, beach romance, and a guaranteed happily ever after. No cheating!

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Kate Tilney is the author of more than 100 sweet and steamy short romances. A Midwest girl whose heart is in the mountains, her stories almost always include a curvy heroine finding true love and a happily ever after with a mountain man or firefighter.

When she isn’t re-watching “Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman” or looking up pictures of bearded men in flannel shirts (all for research, of course), Kate can be found making TikToks or curling up with a cat in front of a fake fireplace, pretending she’s in a cabin.

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