Julia’s Desire by Aila Glass

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When I got called into his office, I for sure thought that I was going to get kicked out. I mean, he has clearly noticed the way I stare at him. But then I am greeted by a dominant hand and a handsome smile, taken into the arms of my professor and swept away in a fantasy that I also dreamed about. My only hope now is that this fantasy turns into reality.


Wanting your shy and sweet student is against the rules. Craving to feel her skin under your hand is totally not allowed. Calling her into your office to talk about what you found in her room? Probably crossing a line. That is, until I look into her eyes and see that she needs what I can give. It would be wrong not to give her what she wants, right?

A Submission Series Short Story


  • Age gap
  • Teacher/Student
  • Light BDSM/Spanking

If kinky sex, dirty alphas, and naughty women are not for you, then perhaps it’s wise to pick a different book

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Aila Glass is a Japanese/Canadian romance author, a hopeful romantic and the general of an army of Canadian geese who help her write her books. Her books are full of smut and there’s always a happily ever after. Forbidden romance is her joy and heroes with that V on their hips is her inspiration. If you are into quick and dirty insta-love romances then check her out.

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