Fatal Lust by Kenya Wright

About the Audiobook:

Destiny was supposed to be just a mark.

Another job.

Another name on my Kill List.

But the more I watched her, the more she became an enigma.

A beacon of something pure in the midst of the darkness that was my life.

I knew the consequences of my decision would catch up with me eventually. Crimson Mob was not known for their forgiveness.

Let them come for me.

I’ll kill them all.

For her, I’d walk through fire and let the world burn.

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Kenya Wright is a USA Today bestselling author of over 70 novels. For her ten-year career, she’s focused on increasing the presence of diverse characters in romantic fiction. She also writes mysteries that touch on societal problems. Her books have been sold all over the world and published in print, eBook, and audio. In between full-time writing, she homeschools her three children. They live a nomadic lifestyle, traveling and connecting with amazing people all over the world.

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