Podcast Episode 179.2 – PALPITATION by Ofelia Martinez

July 21, 2022

Our audiobook this week is PALPITATION by Ofelia Martinez

The kiss I stole from Leonardo Moreno on my eighteenth birthday must have been the worst kiss of his life because, within months, he enlisted in the army, and I never saw him again.

Talk about ghosting.

I did everything I could to forget the tall, dark, and handsome soldier with soulful, brown eyes. Instead, I focused on getting my medical degree and starting my emergency medicine residency.

When a family emergency leads me back home, the last person I think I’ll see as a civilian is Leo.

Sparks fly when we reconnect, and this time, instead of pushing me away, he holds on tight.

Now all we have to do is keep us a secret from his best friend—my over-protective older brother.

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