Podcast Episode 137.2 – RISE OF THE ANIMALS by Jisa Dean

August 19, 2021

Our audiobook this week is RISE OF THE ANIMALS by Jisa Dean

Athea is having a tough year, her parents died leaving her as the sole provider for her two sisters and large, hairy monsters are attacking her village. To make things worse – she’s been trapped outside the walls and one of the monsters wants her for more than just a midnight snack. It just so happens he’s their leader – the biggest and cruelest of them all. Things go from bad to worse when her sisters become involved. These beasts are scary and dangerous, but could they hold the key to saving her village? And how far is she willing to go to make that sacrifice for her people and keep her sisters safe?

This is the beginning of the Metamorphs story. It’s not historically accurate by any means but it’s quick, dirty, and fun. And you finally get to travel to the town everyone was talking about in The Human Between and it’s set 1000 years earlier. This little nugget will take us back to the origin of a family line that has wound in and out of the Metamorphs history throughout time. It is the beginning of a series but can be read as a stand-alone. Hot virgin love, sexy man-beasts, and the time period where you took what you wanted, what could be better?

Jisa Dean on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3xFY0ke
The Within Series (Paranormal)
Lake House Series
Hollywood Series
Taboo Series

Other Books Mentioned
Bred by Her Alien Abductor by Sam Crescent
Under Locke, Dear Aaron and Hands Down – All by Mariana Zapata

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