Podcast Episode 67.2 – SCANDALOUS BILLIONAIRE by Sierra Cartwright

February 21, 2020

Our audiobook this week is SCANDALOUS BILLIONAIRE by USA Today Bestselling Author Sierra Cartwright!

Narrated by Kit Swann

Money can’t buy love…

Elizabeth Ryan grew up in the shadows of wealth. As the daughter of an affluent family’s housekeeper, she knows all too well that happiness can’t be bought. So she’s worked hard to secure the life of her dreams. The only thing missing is her Prince Charming.

She’s looking for a man who’s solid and reputable–and the handsome playboy Braden Gallagher is not that man. Lizzie has tempted Braden for years, but she wasn’t just off-limits—she was forbidden. Now she’s standing in his closet, holding his red tie, while his mind races with indecent thoughts.

More than a billionaire, he’s different than she remembers–haunted by secrets that have hardened his soul. Braden is committed to tearing down the walls around Lizzie’s heart, but to win her love, he will have to prove he’s changed his ways.

Will it be enough?

SCANDALOUS BILLIONAIRE by Sierra Cartwright: https://amzn.to/39wz96P

SEXIEST BILLIONAIRE (FREE): https://amzn.to/2UVC3y9

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